Mike was a valuable member of our classic hits cover band “Throwback.” When we brought him in as a replacement, he picked up our set very quickly and made great suggestions on how to tweak our set. When something wasn’t sounding right in a song we were practicing, Mike was always the first one to point it out and correct it. He was even gracious enough to sub for us after he left the band when we were desperate for a replacement. He is a very qualified and talented bass player and would be a solid addition to any group.
Jared Ghioto, drums/vocals, Throwback and Tall Boys

Mike is a very talented bassist and excellent singer. He has the ability to play a wide variety of styles and is a very quick study. He has a fine ear and is a great addition to any band. He played in my band for several months and was very reliable, a true professional and a pleasure to play with.
Robert Bachrach, guitar/keys/vocals, Throwback

I met Mike in high school. He was at the top of our class, academically, and also played in the marching band. When I learned that he also played bass guitar, a few other aspiring rock musicians and I began jamming in his basement.  Once at his house, we were all impressed that he could also play piano…..really well!  We formed a makeshift band so we could play at our annual variety show in school. We won the award for Best Band for our version of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender.” We kept in touch over the years until finally putting together a band that was intended to play indefinitely for both business and pleasure. That band was called The Skinny Ties… a new wave, power pop revival. For the past thirty-five years or so, Mike has always been reliable and consistent. Mike has the ability to sing lead vocals in the style of the original artist, he’s got a great ear, can pick out a bass line, and/or throw in a vocal harmony with ease. Mike would be a solid addition to any band.
Paul Lussier, guitar/vocals, HELP!

It’s been a pleasure having Mike playing bass in my band – “Throwback.” He picked up new songs rapidly, contributed to making our sound great, and added great vocals (both lead and background).  Beyond that he also mixed well with our team and dynamics. Since leaving our band, Mike has continued as a friend and even as a sub for us.
Scott Shuster, guitar/vocals, Throwback

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