A Post-Gig Thought

un crowd at Finnegan's Oct2013

Don’t complain. It’s much cooler looking at the crowd than the band.

I missed a few rehearsals due to my day job and illness. So when packing my gear for our most recent gig, I blew off packing the video camera that I usually plant on a tripod and focus on the crowd during Sets 2 and 3.

It turned out that we had quite a “lovely” crowd. Like I’ve said in previous blog entries, we’re not making real money as musicians that gig every other month or so. Part of the “compensation” is having an “enthusiastic” crowd on the dance floor. Of course, it turns out that one of our loveliest (do I really need the quotes anymore?) crowds was on an evening when nobody brought a video camera.

Lesson learned. Don’t be lazy. Pack the darn video camera. It’s about the size of a wallet, for cryin’ out loud.

Oh yeah, the camera also records audio. Probably good for a band to have. Most nights, anyway.

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