I Gigged Gratis Last Night

Throwback Benefit Gig, October 2013

One of the best things about playing a fundraiser is not worrying about whether people will attend.

For you readers who know me personally, that headline is not a misprint. You know that I’m all about getting paid a decent amount for a night’s work and, if that’s not possible, saying “Thanks, but no thanks” and do something else that night.

But every so often, it’s time to do something nice. Yes, I occasionally donate money and other items to worthy causes, but it’s a lot more fun to donate my talent (using the term loosely) and play at a benefit. I’ve done this a few times, usually to raise money for research against a disease or to help a family with someone undergoing costly medical treatment. Last night was the latter. A friend of Throwback has a family member with cancer and is facing medical and economic challenges. It was a good feeling helping out, plus we sounded tight. Visit http://www.facebook.com/Throwbackband for media.

Even better, the venue was an 8-minute drive from my house, so I was home before midnight! Unfortunately, as I’m in the midst of a horrendous head cold, my ears were completely blocked from the time I left my driveway until I left the venue on the drive home. Not cool, but how can I complain?

We’ve also had “regular” gigs for which we announced we’d be collecting Toys for Tots, and we’ve also collected donations for food pantries. If you’re a musician, you may wish to consider incorporating a charity component to your next gig or two. Everyone feels cool afterwards.

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