Panic! on the Gig Week

This pic is quite possibly the worst pun related to a weak headline for a blog entry ever!(This blog entry is a few days late because the gig in question was a few days ago, as regular readers know.  If only my parents were alive, we could double that number!) 

Throwback recently had a gig right before which our singing drummer wouldn’t be able to make due to a family emergency.  We were bummed for his loss, but also for a gig that looked like we’d have to cancel.  Long story short, Dave Bowman, frontman of Usually Normal was available to cover vocals.  I’ve been singing with Dave for years in UN and wasn’t concerned about him.  Several inquiries later drummer friends, we were still goose-egged on the skins.  Fortunately, we found Sebastian Kossak at the 11th hour.

One rehearsal later and we were ready for the gig.  Yes, it meant altering our setlist to reflect songs we all knew (pretty much).  The gig really went well.  If we hadn’t told them, I’m not sure people would’ve known we had a 3 whopping hours together as a band prior to the gig.  It was a nice little milestone for the 3 of us core members.  Dave and Seb did a great job and it was a blast.

That’s one advantage of playing a cover band that focuses on older songs that people (in the band and in the audience) are pretty familiar with!


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